Mexican Origins Of Mexico And The United States Essay

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To know a Mexican you must know the past you must know their ancestors and what they have been through. Mexico has been not through one conquest, but two conquests. Mexico was made of many different indigenous groups before the 1st conquest. More than ninety two percent of the population in Mexico was killed. The eight percent that remained either became a slave or fled north of Mexico to what now is Texas, California and New Mexico. The second conquest consisted in land being taken over by the United States. There was a war over the territory of what today we call the state of Texas. This all started with the United States starting a border without the land of Texas belonging to them. This later caused a big all out war between Mexico and the United States which lasted two years. The Mexican identity has been influenced and impacted in religious ways and the race we are official. The official Mexican ideal was changed throughout the years deteriorating the real identities of Mexican. Before the conquest the indigenous groups had their own ways religion played a big role in their community. Most indigenous groups believed in more than one god, unlike the Spaniard who were Christians at the time. “Shortly after that time I was sent to Tenochtitlan to complete my preparations for marriage.There I became part of the court that surrounded Moctezuma , thereby exposing myself to partner that might have been eligible for matrimony with me”, (Limon,1996). The quote is of the…

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