The Inequality Of A High School Student Essay

1990 Words Oct 31st, 2016 8 Pages
Internalized Inequality is a normality in the public school system that divides and separates students through race and socioeconomic status. People do not think to question the disproportion that is taking place in the school system due to the lack of equal resources provided for different socioeconomic groups. The issue at hand is the academic success of a high school student and how it is influenced by their race and social-class. For the purpose of this analysis, academic success is defined by a student’s social involvement (ie. extracurriculars and family-school relationships), performance on standardized testing, and their likelihood to continue their academic career after high school. There is not one factor that has the greatest impact on the success of a high school student, each has its own role, but they are all connected to race and socioeconomic status. By analyzing the impact of each factor individually and collectively, one can understand how institutionalized inequality has perpetuated a system of benefitting a certain group and damaging another. Public high school is one of the largest institutions in the United States. Within this institution, there is an established structure that has been normalized over the years. This structure perpetuates the effect that socioeconomic status of the student has over their success in high school. Institutions such as high schools are unintentionally biased towards the more traditionally privileged student, showing the…

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