An Assignment For My Online English Composition Course At Ivy Tech Community College

1331 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Purpose Statement

The intended audience for this essay are who born in foreign soil and lean a second language, then who don’t speak a second language parents. This is an assignment for my online English composition course at Ivy Tech Community College, at Indianapolis, IN. I’m taking this class because this is required for Business Degree. The first draft writing assignment requires a minimum of 1000 words. The writing project topic that I have selected is about ‘the second language learner’ who struggle with the language and faced a difficulty in life. And yet how important to keep the language alive for our future. What will have happened when the child forgets their language and can’t communicated with their parents. This is the biggest problem that the ESL family faced many time. This writing is relevant to any family who learn a second language. In the writing I have includes why everyone need to keep their language alive. I think that all my classmate also find interest in my writing choice. I have combine the different background in my writing. My first writhing is about how important to keep the language alive even the small language. The second writing is compare the different background from Pakistan.

Why is it important to keep the language alive? Because keeping the language means to protect the culture, race and generations. There are many ways to keep language viable, such as education, use the of language in your house, community activities…

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