Essay about The Legacy Of Colonialism On Indigenous Parenting

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The Legacy of Colonialism on Indigenous Parenting: An Expansion of the Canada Child Benefit for the First Peoples of Canada

This policy study will focus on the social welfare issue of parenting and childcare for indigenous peoples through the legacy of colonialism in Canada. The legacy of colonialism defines the division of the indigenous family, which has occurred through governmental policies formed throughout the history of Canada. The problem of poverty and economic alienation has made it very difficult for single mothers to raise their children due to policies of family separation, education, and childcare. Historically, indigenous children were removed from their families, which resulted in psychological trauma, sexual abuse, and the alienation of traditional tribal values through the forced processes of European colonization. The implementation of the Canadian colonial policy of residential schooling and other factors define a new way of understanding the needs of First Peoples to have access to exclusive benefits by the Canadian government to deal with family dysfunction and education for parents. The social welfare policies of the Canada Child Benefit program define economic and social strategies that help resolve issues related to intergenerational colonial dysfunction in the indigenous family unit. In essence, the social welfare issue of indigenous parenting will provide family policies that can provide special provisions for First Peoples through the…

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