Anne Sexton 's Her Kind Essay

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Anne Sexton’s poem, “Her Kind,” is a portrayal of a women who do not fit into society. The women of the poem are independent and powerful. Sexton uses two voices in each stanza. Each stanza describes a woman who is an outcast. These descriptions are based on stereotypes of women who go against the norms of society. The repetition of “a woman like that” and “I have been her kind” uncovers the true speaker of the poem. “Her Kind” reveals the expectations society has placed on women and how denying these expectations result in alienation.
The speaker begins the poem with vivid imagery of a witch. Sexton uses words such as “possessed,” “haunting,” and “dreaming evil” to describe the woman in the first stanza. Opening the poem with “possessed witch” (line 1) sets the tone for a dark and unfortunate end. From the beginning the importance is not what the speaker of the poem is doing, but how she is doing it. Sexton uses the word “possessed” to describe how the speaker has gone out. The speaker is being controlled by strong emotions that have taken over her state of being. The next word used is “witch.” It is used as a metaphor to describe a woman who is misunderstood by her surroundings. The use of this imagery makes it easy for the readers to understand the kind of woman the speaker is. “Witch” is not in plural form, which further gives insight to who the speaker is. She is a lonely, misunderstood woman. The speaker continues, “haunting the black air, braver at night” (line 2).…

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