Essay on Django Unchained By Quintin Tarentino

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Directed by Quintin Tarentino, the controversial film Django Unchained is set in the south during the heat of slavery which was a gruesome and unmoral time for American History. A German bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz travels the land to find a particular slave named Django who can help him kill a set of bandits, known as the Brittle brothers. They set out and joined forces in a journey that will always be remembered in cinema history. For its vivid imagery of the horrors of slave treatment, candid dialogue of how the white man belittled African Americans, and its dehumanizing sense of humor toward the slaves that lets you enjoy the film in a comical aspect. While, Downplaying the terrible violence and obscenities to leave the viewer with some ounce of positive emotion. For these reasons I can make the claim that Django Unchained is one of my favorite movies of all time. First in foremost, this movie is well known for its controversial content on the humorous and insensitive treatment of the African American race. In the form of slave abuse, and the repetitive use of the N-word with a comical twist. This caused a lot of anger and frustration amongst African Americans but I personally did not find these aspects of the movie too bad to take away from its overall meaning. When I saw the movie I felt this was real and it was how slaves had actually been treated back then. The humor highlighted the horrors rather than downplay them and cause for insensitivity to them.…

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