A Relationship With The Biblical Philosophies Essay

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Organizational behavior can be said to have a relationship with the biblical philosophies. This is because it can be identified as a covenant, which is defined as an agreement between two or more parties to confirm a lasting and binding relationship among them (Presentation Lesson 1). Notably, every covenant safeguards the rights of each individual who enters into it (Presentation Lesson 1). Moreover, in every workplace, each person is supposed to take care of the others not because it is an obligation for us, but because it is what we wish to do (Presentation Lesson 1). This action, in the end, will provide a favorable work environment, when every individual works for the best interest of others. Conversely, this will only be a result of every person getting to understand other people’s personalities.
This paper will analyze my test results with reference to Myers-Briggs Personality Test. The results will be of much help to me, as they will provide me with self-awareness. Additionally, the paper will deliberate and confirm whether the results from Myers-Briggs test scores are effective as well as whether they have any impact on me as an employer and a co-worker.

Step 1
Jump Typology Test Personality
The results from this were the letters ENFJ. Letter “E” represents Extravert, “N” for intuitive, “F” for Felling, and “J” represent Judging (Leverage Your Personality Type). These traits place me in the giver’s category (The Personality Page).
Further study on the…

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