The Briggs Myers Personality Quiz Essay

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The Briggs Myers personality quiz helps to guide people into careers, relationships, and lifestyles that best fit their personalities. This quiz asks many many questions on how you approach situations and your reaction to situations. Each question in worth one point, each column is added up and the higher Column gets the letter. In the event of a tie, according to professor Blocher, a female will add a point to the column on the left and a male will add a point to the column on the right. This process of adding a point to either the left or right side depending on gender is based on typical answers for male or female; however, each possible letter 's should be tested in case the subject is in transition. According to the Briggs Myers personality test people go through migration in their life that alters their personality types, such as a mid life crisis, marriage, divorce, birth or death of a child and many other life events.

Each column in this personality test helps to determine your personality by measuring key aspect of personality types. The first column in the Briggs Myers quiz is the Extroversion Introversion column, which focuses on how you look at the world weather you are focused on the outer world of more of your own inner world. the second column is the Sensing and intuition column, this column looks at how you deal with information do you focus on the basic information or do you look to interpret and add meaning to it. The third column is the thinking and…

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