College Students 's Mental Health Essay

1994 Words Oct 31st, 2016 8 Pages
Everyone must deal with their own form of mental health issues, whether that’s stress, anxiety, or depression. Having minimal amount of stress is even good for a person. Excessive amount of stress, though, can lead to depression and anxiety. College students are increasingly showing problems with their mental health. A majority of college students are plagued with an abundant amount of stress, that they try to commit suicide or use illegal means to make things easier. To have a better understanding of college student’s mental health, some questions need to be answered. What are some reasons college students suffer with mental illness? How does it impact a person’s behavior? Finally, what are some ways to reduce stress or anxiety?
A study was done by Vaughn, Drake, and Haydock (2016), to examine a potential reason that causes college students mental health issues. They focused their research on the quality of workplace relationships of college students with part time jobs and how it impacted their mental health (Vaughn et al, 2016). The researchers hypothesized that people who receive less support from work relationships, would have worse mental health than those who receive some amount of support (Vaughn et al, 2016). The negative relationships could lead to consequences that cause even more damages to a college student’s mental health, such as lower job satisfaction, and higher turnover intentions and burnout. (Vaughn et al, 2016). A turnover is a term used when an…

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