Stress Anxiety Among College Students

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Students have to deal with the stress of school work and doing well in college. This is something that a majority of students deals with. We are stressed our entire lives about going to college and having to do well and get a career. That’s scary. That seems to be all we can think about when we’re in college, is “What if I fail?” There’s also the stress of work. Now, not all college students’ work, but a majority do because they are trying to avoid having to pay off student loans for the rest of their lives. That then adds on to the amount of stress and causes more anxiety. Trying to balance school and work and having to worry about their finances can come crashing down on students.
Recently a noticeable amount of college students have shown
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A possible, and the best solution for students dealing with stress anxiety is the ability of time management that were taken from the studies of Macan, et al. (1990). Effective time management strategies are known to increase the students’ academic performance and are often suggested by school faculty to help college students’ level of achievements. Productive and helpful study methods are characterized by "time management" and "strategic studying" (Entwistle & Ramsden, 1983). Although suggestions of starting large projects and assignments before the dates that they are due, taking large projects and breaking them into smaller sections to complete them, and doing small tasks on a regular schedule, could all help a student with the amount of anxiety and stress that they are dealing with but yet students ignore these techniques and find themselves having a tough time and struggling with studying before …show more content…
Anxiety keeps students from doing school work and being able to complete school work to 100% of their capability. Students need to learn the ability to schedule time and time of relaxation accordingly could help in reducing the amount of stress that students deal with. A sample study consisting of 249 full-time undergraduates at a Midwestern university, mostly sophomore and women students responded to the survey, regarding the health behaviors, 25% were smokers and 72.6% consumed alcoholic beverages, had at least one drink in the last week. Most students reported heavy drinking alcohol on the weekends. “Academic Stress: Gadzella's Student-life Stress Inventory” is a scale that is designed to assess the amount of the students' academic stress levels and reactions to stress. A higher score was indicative of greater stress and reactions to stress. Showing students had higher amounts of anxiety than they previously

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