College Students, Stress, Anxiety, And Mental Health

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Everyone must deal with their own form of mental health issues, whether that’s stress, anxiety, or depression. Having minimal amount of stress is even good for a person. Excessive amount of stress, though, can lead to depression and anxiety. College students are increasingly showing problems with their mental health. A majority of college students are plagued with an abundant amount of stress, that they try to commit suicide or use illegal means to make things easier. To have a better understanding of college student’s mental health, some questions need to be answered. What are some reasons college students suffer with mental illness? How does it impact a person’s behavior? Finally, what are some ways to reduce stress or anxiety?
A study was done by Vaughn, Drake, and Haydock (2016), to examine a potential
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They compared the results of students with high fears to the students with low fears and found that, they were more likely to have feelings of being disconnected from oneself, fear of having a panic attack in public, and sleep difficulties. (Hayes et al, 2010). They also possessed, unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks, feeling irritable, suicidal ideation, possessing low academic motivation, and getting into arguments. The results yielded that the majority of the students that had these thoughts were males and clients who had previously harmed another person. (Hayes et al, 2010). It can be inferred, that fear of becoming violent is not a common thought among college students. However, this study also shows that mental health can correlate with violence. This study also provided information on factors that may cause students more likely to be inclined toward violent thoughts. The students that did fear they would become violent all showed predictors of panic attacks and suicidal

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