God Is The God Of God Essay

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Although The character of God is autonomously far beyond our ability to comprehend entirely who He is, through the Word of God and one’s experiences we come to know unambiguous facts about Him that make know His character in a distinct and personal way. There are many attributes of God that reveal His character in special ways. For instance, God is Jehovah, the name of the independent, and a self-complete being. God is Jehovah-M’Kaddesh “the God who sanctifies.” God is infinite, which means that God is beyond measurement. God is love and God’s love is so great that He gave His Only Son. God is Jehovah-jireh, “the God who provides.” God is Jehovah-shalom, “the God of peace.” God is immutable, meaning God is ever perfect and unchanging. God is transcendent; existing beyond and above the created universe. God is just, fair and equitable in all things, God is omnipotent which means God is all-powerful. God as a holy God means that He is utterly and supremely untainted. God is omniscient; meaning He is all-knowing. God is merciful and faithful, and out of His faithfulness God honors His covenants and fulfills His promises; and the list goes on and on about the character and attributes of God.
When God steps on to the scene He always declares His identity, because His Character and who He is proceeds Him. Knowing these attributes and how they relate to your life specifically, can enrich one’s relationship with God. Millard Erickson said, “When we speak of the attributes of God,…

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