The Movement Of El Salvador Essay

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Before Romero
In many ways, El Salvador was no different than many of its South American neighbors during the 1970 's and 1980 's. The oppressive government that existed in El Salvador had much in common with the violent regimes running Argentina, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and others. Death squads, supported if not organized by the ruling governments, murdered with no fear of reprisal those they saw as enemies of the status quo. However, it was the global setting, not simply a continental one, that made South America a hotbed for violent activity. Much as in other places around the globe, financial and military support flowed in freely from the United States to the ruling governments of many of these countries– El Salvador included– sent in the name of fighting against the growth of communism. As such, these governments were incentivised to stomp out any activity or group that appeared communist or that they did not like and could describe as communistic. The extent of this financial support in El Salvador is enormous. From 1979-1992, the United States send 4.5 billion dollars to the El Salvadoran government. This financial calculation does not include time U.S. military advisors spent training El Salvadoran government soldiers in combat and interrogation techniques. In other words, the United States policy toward El Salvador was to a government that was abusive and murderous towards its own people so long as it suppressed anything that would hurt U.S. interests.…

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