Jean Rhys 's Wide Sargasso Sea Essay

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Proposed Introduction:

In the novel Wide Sargasso Sea (WSS) author Jean Rhys offer the readers a piece of literature that demarcates - within the development of its characters, their narrational perspectives, and the tactful discursive constructions of the former and the latter- an evaluative analysis of western colonial ontology, its epistemological premises, and the experiences of subjectivities that are defined, and reproduced, by these ontological and epistemological formulations. Bertha Mason, WSS’s protagonist, is not a stranger to the tradition of western tradition. Indeed, Bertha Mason is both another and Other version of Charlotte Bronte’s Antoinette in her novel Jane Eyre. WSS will be explored by this paper as a narrative defined by Bertha’s descent, a descent with an end point of madness signified by Bronte’s Antoinette, to the extant that defining plot features in Bronte’s Eyre are re-counted and mirrored in Rhys’s WSS from the perspective of Bertha Mason herself. Hence, this paper will highlight the inter-textual specificity of WSS- namely Bertha’s character development and Rhys’s re-counting Bertha’s narrative- whilst simultaneously highlighting Mason’s extra-textuality position- namely as both as double for Eyre herself and for Eyre’s Antoinette (Cappello 2009; Kamel 1995). This paper will read the juxtaposition between Bronte and Rhys, under the purview of a paradigm of literal criticism where the metaphorical influence of the myth of Origin, descent,…

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