Smile For The Camera Essay

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Smile for the Camera
February 26, 2016, Sanford Police received a call to the scene of a crime. A 17-year-old
African American boy, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain.
Coming home from a convenience store with a can of soda and some candy, Martin was seen as suspicious. George Zimmerman, accused of the murder of Trayvon Martin, later walked out of the courtroom with a "Not Guilty" plea. Zimmerman waived his right to the "Stand Your
Ground" law. In the release of the phone records it was said that Zimmerman made some racially biased slurs about Martin when reporting him to the police initially; before the operator told him to stay in his vehicle. Nobody truly knows the events that happened that evening; if Zimmerman killed Trayvon out of malice, or if he was protecting his life. Police involved shootings and fatalities are on a rise, happening every single day. With technology improving constantly, police officers have the ability to turn on a camera and record interactions between themselves and civilians. Although body cameras seem like an infringement on an officer 's rights, however because of an increase of police brutality, police officers should be required to wear body cameras at all times. Body cameras hold officers accountable for their actions, prevent

Manderscheid 2 misconduct or false accusations between suspects and officers, and make it very easy to bridge the gap between officers and society by showing that police are just…

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