What Is A Good Life? Essay

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What is a good life? In Greek it is pronounced as kali zoi, in Hebrew it is חיים טובים, but no matter how you say it the definitions are all the same. A good life is defined as “a life lived according to the moral and religious laws of one 's culture” (Good Life). Depending on an individual’s religion or personal beliefs these values can be interpreted in different ways. Over time the Greeks, Hebrews, and Mesopotamians all built strong cultures and left defining marks on history. Several of the defining characteristics are still major foot holds for society today in people 's christian views and for those who have an entirely different religious affiliations. The Mesopotamians were an interesting group of people. They were a group of people who took great pride in their buildings and cities. Mesopotamians used their pride to aid in writing about their way of life once the art of writing was invented. They wrote about every detail of their daily lives as well as about their buildings and customs (Mark). Being a good person in Mesopotamia involved a special relationship with the gods. We see this in Gilgamesh in his being a descendant of the gods, talking with them daily and in some cases he even insulting a few of them (Gilgamesh). In the case of Mesopotamian beliefs the success of a King and his land was based on how positive of a relationship he had with the gods. If he showed special praise to the gods, they would allow him and his kingdom to flourish.

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