Essay on Being A Broke College Student

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As a female and artist I’ve faced a great deal of stereotyping from others including harsh allegations about my lifestyle and life choices. Growing up in a deluge of communities and environments I’ve witnessed harassment first hand from people who didn’t agree with my style or how I carried myself. Every person has substance and personality and every person belongs to a variety of communities depending on their interests, professions, sexuality, race, etc. Me, being a broke college student living in a big city I get to cross paths with a plethora of different people with different backstories and different substance. In “He Defies You Still: Memoir of a Sissy” by Tommi Avicolli Mecca I ended up personally connecting to this reading more than I thought I would. Avicolli captures a string of self hate and hate from others which generates an ongoing sense of emptiness. In “Mental Illness and Creativity: A Neurological View of the “Tortured Artist”” by Adrienne Sussman it is stated that society as a whole generally holds stereotypes towards artists. We generally make these assumptions about people and professions without knowing anything about them. Communities looking at other communities probably have a preconceived thought on how those communities are which is where stereotypes come in.
Being a growing artist and going to art school i’ve gotten mixed emotions from friends/family. It’s generally the “norm” in most families to go to college and study business, medical, general…

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