Physics Of A Hot Wheels Toy Car Essay

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Diagram 1.6: Diagram showing tension force in the string (from 0 cm increasing in 1 cm until a displacement of 15 cm has been attained) This diagram shows the manner in which the tension force applied to the string was calculated. Starting at 0 centimeters, forces were provided in the string such that the string would extend one additional centimeter from the previous measurement. Using the Capstone® software, the force applied to the string was calculated at the given horizontal displacements.


For part one of the experiment a Hot Wheels® toy car, several pieces of Hot Wheels® track, some duct tape, a photogate sensor, and a computer with PASCO Capstone® software will be required. Place the toy car at the top of the track that was created (see Drawing 1.1) and let go of the car. The car will begin to move down the track due to acceleration due to gravity (g). At the instant that the car moves through the motion sensor, the instantaneous velocity of the car is determined using the photogate sensor. Repeat this process four more times for a total of five attempts. Note: make sure to divide the instantaneous velocity by five.1
The average of the velocity values found by Capstone is the “velocity of the toy car”. Using this “velocity of the toy car”, calculate the potential energy of the car, the kinetic energy of the car, the energy lost due to friction (Elf), the energy lost due to friction per meter (E_lf/m). Make sure to take measurements of the…

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