Globalization And Indian Traditional Family Value System Essay

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Globalization and Indian Traditional Family Value System “As people get older, they get married, have kids. I’m not married. I don’t have kids, so I’m able to focus 100 percent on this,” said Steven Lopez. When people have family, they have to responsible for them, hence it means sacrificing their times, and interests. In The White Tiger written by Aravind Adiga, family is clearly illustrated as a factor that traps Balram in the “Darkness.” Balram has to follow what his family told him to, and indeed he conceives himself as a victim of Indian traditional family values. Given this point, family is viewed as a burden for new generations, it perhaps prevents them from succeeding in their goals, focusing on their potentials, and enhancing themselves. Accordingly, family is one of the factors that prevents globalization to reach one area. Globalization is a process, where cultures, opinions, products and ideas are being shared on an international platform. With this circumstance, it promotes integration and interaction between all the nations around the world. In another view, globalization is also the consequence of the interchange of international perceptions, ideas and the various aspects of the culture. When the whole world is connected, people are moving from places to places, technology and products are generated with the latest innovation. Hence, people start looking for jobs and opportunities to enhance their lives.
In another mean, globalization is mainly driven by…

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