The British And The Colonists Essay

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After the Seven Years War, Americans were proud of being with the Britain when winning the war. They thought Britain would treat them like family and part of the British empire, but that didn’t happen. The war put Britain in more debt than before that they could not pay for and since they won more land, they need to protect these lands from Indians and other people who want the land. So to generate revenue British decided to make the colonists pay taxes on certain items since a lot of the colonists do not pay any taxes to Britain at all. Those taxes made more harm than good to the British and the colonists relationship. The colonists completely disapproved those taxes even if they were very small because they were not being represented when laws or acts are being made since Britain are not giving them the option to do that. The Britain making acts on the colonists resulted in great amount of protests from the colonists and deteriorated the relationship between them. This was the beginning of colonists thinking about disconnecting from Britain and be independent. This bad relation between the Americans and the British continued for many years and it also resulted in two major wars between them which are the American Revolution which was a war for America’s complete independence from Britain and the War of 1812 which was a war because of conflicts between them. Americans declared these two wars because of the Coercive Acts, Declaration of Independence, and Britain’s…

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