Private Lives Response Paper : The Live Production I Attended

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Private Lives Response Paper
The live production I attended was Private Lives by Noel Coward. The play was put on by Acting Unlimited Inc. at Theater 810. Overall, there were three main elements that were the primary contributors to my enjoyment of the live performance; they were the costumes, the set design, and the body language of the actors and actresses.
For instance, the costumes were very well done for a small local production. The play revolves around a divorced couple in the 1930’s, who run into one another while both on their honeymoons with their new spouses. Therefore, for me to enjoy the performance to its fullest potential, the costumes must appear time period accurate, otherwise I will be distracted and will have a difficult time immersing myself into the story. Overall, there was a quality attempt at dressing for the aproptiate time period, unfortunately, small details were overlooked and many of the costume elements were not true to the 1930s. For example, the men were not wearing suits of the proper style for that time. The two main male characters are Elyot Chase, and Victor Prynne. Elyot wore a brown textured vest with a red bow tie. The issue with his vest is that it was far too loose for the 1930s. Suits in the 1930s were all about form fitting waistcoats for men. Only in the 1940s did loose suits become the norm for men’s fashion. Secondly, the actor playing Victor Prynne was wearing a tan suit with a bright blue bow tie and matching socks. The issues…

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