George C. Wolfe 's The Colored Museum Essay example

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George C. Wolfe’s, The Colored Museum, uses the play dynamic in order to create, celebrate, and critique the African American past and future. The African American legacy is carefully dissected in an almost carefree attitude about the impacts it had on the people. The Colored Museum explores the ideas of African American. George C. Wolfe uses clever wit to say the unthinkable about a serious topic, which leaves the audience in an uncomfortable ruin. The audience is left to navigate though each Act with an apprehensive attitude about what.t it might hold. Therefore, the book leaves the audience questioning stereotypes present. Simple comedy might be seen as you read through the pages of the text. However, the reproduction of racial stereotypes and oppression is clear when dissecting the deeper meaning of the words. As a clever writer, George C. Wolfe critically shows the impact of society, struggle for identity, and Black American history in a short, highly praised play.
From the opening scene of the play, the black experience of slavery is being seemed as funny. The ride of the slave ship takes the reader through a timeline of oppression. Wolfe writes in a lackadaisical attitude, “ All right, so you’re gonna have to suffer for a few hundred years, but from your pain will come a culture so complex…and you’ll become millionaires.”(Wolfe, pg.4) First, this quote represents the adherent struggle ahead of the black people that they can 't see. The hundred years of struggle are…

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