Frederick Douglass 's Narrative On The Life Of Fredrick Douglas

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Frederick Douglass Essay
The Narrative on the Life of Fredrick Douglas, an American Slave was a story in which Frederick Douglas illustrated struggles within his lifetime and how the causes of these struggles is slavery. He drew a very clear picture of his definition of slavery, as well as freedom. Slavery meant not allowing the enslaved to think for themselves, thus allowing them to be manipulated into not desiring freedom at all. Douglass defined freedom as the ability of free thinking, acquired by knowledge and education. Frederick Douglass’s use of his personal meanings of slavery and freedom in his writing were exercised to hasten the abolition of slavery in American society in the 19th century.
Frederick Douglass defined slavery as a permeating system of oppression and abuse that is forced upon people of color, in such a way that they cannot fully understand the atrocity or determine ways to overcome it. Douglass made a very strong argument that a slave’s lack of knowledge is the reason for the presence of slavery. If a slave does not know how to read, write, or think for himself, he cannot fully understand how to break the bonds that are restricting him. Douglass came to this realization as Mrs. Auld was teaching him how to read. Soon after he had learned the alphabet, Mr. Auld caught his wife instructing Douglass and immediately forbade it (Douglass, 40). Mr. Auld stated, “A nigger should know nothing but to obey his master – to do what he is told. Learning would…

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