Benjamin Franklin And Frederick Douglass Comparison Essay

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When people of our time think of people that inspire others they think of Musicians, NBA player, NFL player, actors, actress, models, and other people like them. However, rarely you do have some individuals who actually inspired by the people that have come before us. I am talking about hundreds of years before us, like Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. After reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass I found out that were very inspirational people of their time. In other words I like to call them pioneers of the new America.
Douglass and Franklin’s values were similar and different in many ways. There were similar because they both valued the Republican Party. They both had an equal respect for the United States Constitution also. However they were different in many more ways. Frederick Douglass valued Education, self-Education at that. He valued freedom of being a slave. He was a firm believer in women’s right due to his mistress, Auld.
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He states that even though you are free, you are not truly free until you find freedom within yourself. Douglass had a hard life, but he never let that stop him from finding his freedom. In fact he would not rest until he found his freedom within himself. His worldview was very different from Franklin’s. Douglass viewed the world as a slave, from the bottom of the food chain. He ask what kind of place is America, the home of the free, but the only ones free are the white people. He views human conditions as being confusing and wrong. He is confused and addresses the issue that slaves were told they are human beings but their masters treat them like property. He paints a picture of how slaves are treated and passed between masters. He is not very happy that slaves are treated like livestock and animal, and even states that treating slaves this way is cruel and

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