What Degree Are Sexism And Gender Discrimination Essay

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To What Degree are Sexism and Gender Discrimination a Significant Problem in Canada?
Article Summary
In the article, “Women in Harperland: A Critical Look at Gender Inequality in Canada Since 2006”, Brianna Strumm takes an in-depth look at gender prejudice throughout Canada since Stephen Harper, past Conservative Prime Minister was elected into Canada’s government in 2006. The Author expresses her concern by distinctively listing the many lacks of Harpers involvement in gender inequality through the wage gap, investments in social infrastructure and the disturbing amount of violence towards women.
In a study conducted during 2010, it was founded that 9.3% of women in Canada (18 or older) were living in poverty, whereas only 8.7% of men were in the same situation (Citizens of Public Justice, 2012). Thus, proving Brianna Strumm’s point that, indeed the wage gap is apparent throughout Canada. It was founded that Canada’s wage gap is fifth largest within the 34 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives [CCPA], 2013). How can Canada call themselves strong and free when women still face a shocking amount of inequality compared to other countries? The Author also expresses her concern that it was unfair for part time work to not include benefits or vacation time whilst most single mothers can only work part time, due to their children needing a mother. When Harper enlisted his income splitting policy, Strumm…

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