Preparing For The Immersion Experience Essay

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Preparing for the Immersion Experience
From the information given by my Indian friend (the interviewee for a diversity interview assignment), I learned that there are several traditions in Indian culture that happen in every month. In the end of this October, the Indian community has a festival called Diwali. I asked him in the first place, whether he celebrate the event or not, and I also asked him for other possible activities that I could participate in a cultural experience. Fortunately, he agreed that I could join him for Diwali.
Before attending the activity, I explained to him the purpose of this assignment so he could understand what kind of experience that I need for the occasion. I also tried to gain some information about Diwali in order to have an overview of the topic by browsing on the internet and also gathered some journals that related to the activity. The given information helped me to have some basic information about Diwali tradition. Diwali is celebrated in various forms in India and has taken on an essential role in diasporic society as a one of the major Hindu holiday (Srinivasan & Pyati, 2007). Therefore, it is also possible for Hindu students to celebrate Diwali, especially at Murray State University. Das (2016) argued that there are various myths explaining the origin of Diwali. In order to understand its complexity, I prepared some questions to gain more information about their values that related to Diwali and why those values important to them.…

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