American Politics : The Promise Of Disharmony Essay

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In Samuel P. Huntington’s book, American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony, he lays out a distinct claim; the gap created by the division between American institutions and the moral perfection ideals of American Creed are what cause friction in our political system. Ultimately, our ideals like democracy, equality and individualism as American’s are at odds with the institutions and government around us. This gap that Huntington says exists, I believe, will never be able to be succumbed. The American Creed will never be able to be fully incorporated into American Institutions and therefore, the IvI gap will always exist. As Huntington says, “This gap between political ideal and political reality is a continuing central phenomenon of American politics in a way that is not true of any other major state.” Throughout Huntington’s book, he lays out in detail the disharmony of American politics. As you read, you get the understanding that this existing gap between the Institutions and the Ideals are what really drive American politics apart. Once the citizens realize the gap exists, however, a conscious effort is made to mend and fix it. In response to this gap, Huntington displays four options; Moralism, Cynicism, Hypocrisy and Complacency. In the beginning of this book, we are shown right away the disharmony that is presented in our nation’s politics. Huntington explains a scenario of a graduate law student from California, Meldon Levine, and his statement that had the adults…

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