North Carolina Is A Chronic Disease Essay

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The leading public health concern in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is a chronic disease. There are four major chronic diseases that affect Mecklenburg County residents and nearly 50% of all premature deaths in Mecklenburg County. Theses chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. They are tied to several modifiable risk factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity.
In a 2016 Community Health Assessment by Mecklenburg County, residents ranked breast cancer as a leading cause among women as a public health concern. Breast cancer is the second most common diagnosed cancer among women in the United States, following skin cancer. Breast cancer is also the second leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women and particularly in North Carolina, after lung cancer (Breast Cancer, 2016). According to American Cancer Society, North Carolina is estimated to have 7,830 cases of breast cancer in the year 2016 and estimated deaths for 2016 is projected to be 1,360. Deaths from breast cancer have declined over time, but remains the second leading cause of cancer death among women (American Cancer Society, 2012).
Breast cancer is a deadly disease of breast in which cells grow out of control. Breast cancer can begin in different parts of the breast and depends on which cells turn into cancer. Most breast cancers begin in the ducts or lobules. Sign and Symptoms of breast cancer depend on each individual. According to the American Cancer…

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