Case Study: Hormone Sensitive Vs. Insensitive Breast Cancer

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Hormone Sensitive vs. Insensitive Breast Cancer
What is the difference between hormone sensitive and hormone insensitive cancers?
Why is triple negative breast cancer more likely to metastasize?

Breast Cancer Vulnerability There are many different types of breast cancer. Some of which are very treatable and others, which are very aggressive and extraordinarily difficult to treat. Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is one of the very aggressive types of breast cancer, and has a much lower survival rate than many of the more easily treatable forms of breast cancer. Breast cancer vulnerability is dependent both on genetics as well as age. Approximately 7% of breast cancer patients are carriers of breast cancer susceptibility genes such
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Cancers can have an over expression estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and/or human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2). An excess of any of these receptors cases excessive growth of cells and therefor perpetuates cancer. Breast cancers with these receptors are often designated as hormone sensitive breast cancers, as they can be treated using hormone suppression, or in the case of HER2, the suppression of the HER2 gene. These types of cancer are generally very treatable and have high rates of survival (Osborne, …show more content…
Because of the hormone receptors present in the cancerous cells, hormone sensitive cancers are able to be treated with hormone therapies as well as all of the other traditional therapies used to treat cancer. These types of cancer rarely metastasize because of their treatable natures. Triple negative breast cancer is outstandingly difficult to treat, so it is able to metastasize. The cancer is unable to be slowed quickly enough to prevent metastasization; therefor, it metastasizes more often than other types of breast cancer. Triple negative breast cancer is generally more metastatic because of its basal like qualities.

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