Governmental Systems And Economic Policies Essay

1078 Words Nov 1st, 2016 5 Pages
There are numerous governmental systems and economic policies in the world. A central argument amongst policy makers is what kind of government is best for its people? Advancing economic development is perhaps the central goal of each regime for its respective state. As stated by Michael Todaro, economic development “is an increase in living standards, improvement in self-esteem needs, and freedom from oppression as well as a greater choice.” Economic development is essentially advancing a population into a better all-around world. However, how does a state enhance economic development? There are several routes a state can explore. Nonetheless, economic development starts with a government that adheres to the wants of its population. Democracies often relate to free market, progress and accountability. For these reasons, democracy is positively correlated with economic development. It is important to note exactly what a democracy is and should be. A democratic government is one in which citizens’ voices are heard. Citizens should be able to vote, address concerns, and expect the government to act in the best interest of its people. Democracy and economic development run parallel to each other because the end goal of development is effectively democracy, a system where citizens live in freedom and are able to improve their standard of living. True democracies almost always engage in free market capitalism. This is because the freedom associated with democracy is carried…

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