Andrew Jackson's Utilization Of Democracy

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Democracy is a government form created and run by the peoples in which occupy the area being governed. A government run by the people includes the idea that decisions are made based on the opinion of the majority. Democracy gives the people choice. The citizens have the opportunity to make choices on how their lives are run and how much involvement the government has in their their everyday life. Due to the fact that Andrew Jackson was elected through the utilization of democracy, he used his presidency to further democratize America through bettering the lives of the majority.
Andrew Jackson’s election was revolutionary in the timeline of American democracy. Prior to Jackson’s election, each of the presidential candidates were wealthy, and
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One of Jackson 's main focuses during his presidency was to respect the majority, and base decisions upon their needs. An example where Jackson made a decision based on the needs of the majority was during the Nullification Crisis in 1832. Nullification suggests that the states can nullify a federal law if they believe it to be against the constitution. South Carolina voted to nullify The Tariff of 1828 enforced by Jackson. The Tariff of 1828 was proposed to raise tariffs significantly on foreign manufactured items such as textiles. This was a protective tariff for most manufacturing states, but some southerners especially South Carolinians had issues with accepting it. The issues arose due to the prices of imported goods, which raised the cost of living in the south. Jackson passed the “Force Bill” to refuse South Carolina’s secession from the union and forced all citizens to abide by the tariff (Jacksonian Era 299). Although this may seem aggressive and overpowering, he did it to benefit the majority of the people and to benefit domestic businesses. By having this tariff in place, American businesses were able to develop due to the rise in prices of foreign imports. The increase in development of American businesses would create more job opportunities and aid the growth of the newly formed American economy. This then shows that Jackson was willing to make even …show more content…
This devotion is clear within the Nullification Crisis, Indian Removal Act of 1830, and his disapproval of the Second National Bank. In many ways Andrew Jackson brought America into a new light of democracy, but Jackson could not have done it without democracy bringing about him. The democracy present in the United States at the time of Jackson’s candidacy is what brought a man with no education or social status like Andrew Jackson into office, but even more evident is how he used his presidency to repay this democratic

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