Carl Becker's Ideal Democracy

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Carl Becker wrote about the “ideal democracy” in a government. The main purpose of his lecture is to make a clear understanding on the nature of democracy. He compares it with other forms of government that confide in a autocracy and the leadership of the few rather than the many. He states his concrete definition of democracy as, “A democratic government has always meant one in which the citizens, or a sufficient number of them to represent more or less effectively the common will, freely to act from time to time, and according to established forms, to appoint or recall the magistrates and to enact or revoke the laws by which the community is governed.” (Becker, 145)
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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about democracy is a government by the people. For me it’s about people coming together and having equal voices in shaping policies. Democracy is simply just having a voice and using it. It’s a way to decide what you want without having someone else to decide for you. Without a democracy, our our basic human rights would be non existent. To better understand, think of democracy as a group of friends that vote on where to go eat. There will always be that one friend who has more influence than the rest in which they hold all of the cards and choices. Once the others have voted and determined where they want to eat, the “superior” person keeps any arguments out of control by giving other offers. So essentially they all have a vote, but are heavily influenced by the “superior” people, in this case the dominant …show more content…
It is the best form of government because the people have the right to vote and have an opinion of the laws and e.t.c.Democracy lets people decide who they want for ruler and the laws they want.Democracy is the best form of government. In conclusion democracy is the best form of government without it we wouldn 't be fair. Abraham Lincoln once stated, "Democracy is the government, of the people, for the people and by the

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