Compare And Contrast Plato And Aristotle On Democracy

Aristotle and Plato’s World View on Democracy

In this essay I will explore the views of democracy and the education of the people and reasons why Aristotle had a favorable view on it more than Plato did. In relation, Aristotle and Plato were great thinkers far beyond their time in philosophy. However, they had two very different world views on democracy and oligarchy. This led to conflicting views on the tasks and goals of political leaders as well as how dignified the polis was at running a republic by a democracy and or an oligarchy. They posed some very arguments. We will discuss those arguments and how they conflicted and which one had the more convincing argument. Let us describe what democracy and oligarchy are defined.

In a democracy, “arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free.” (Politics 1301 a2) And in an oligarchy, “the poor are few, and the masters of the rich who outnumber them.” (Politics 1290 a4) Plato believed that philosophers should rule as kings because they were seen as the ones to make the right decisions in the just city for they possessed the right
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Whereas Aristotle’s view is in coherence with what todays politics and citizenry should be. I believe that in order to lead a city or represent a constitution, one does not have to be overly qualified in virtuosities such as money or power. He just need to possess the aptitude to lead through his/her education. We see world markets and countries politics being ruined by powerful oligarchies like in China, Russia and even here in the United States. We now have a leader who is widely feared to take away or exploit all that Aristotle stands for. “Liberty and equality” and to live a good and just life. And if I can add one “freedom and respect to the middle class citizens.”

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