Athens Was Not A Democracy Dbq Essay

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The term Democracy is described as a system where the power is invested in the people. People have the choice to vote who can be in charge of the power. For example, the US is a democracy where the people get to vote on what they want. Athens in the 460 to 320 BC was a democracy at the time. In Ancient Athens long ago, only men had the rights to vote. Women and slaves were not allowed to vote. For example, (Doc A) a person’s public life comes down to one’s reputation for good works. Also the rights were different. If someone didn't pay their bills, they will be notified to the government and will be kicked out of their house and be forced to be a slave. However, if he wins his case in court, he is a free man and is enrolled as a citizen without further questions. This proves that Athens, Athens was a democracy. Athens was not a democracy because when someone gets all the control in government, they talked about how the power can go to their head. When a person got the power to run the country, at first everything went well. For evidence, (Doc D) it states that Democracy is the ruling of the …show more content…
The articles have told us that they’re allowed to vote. However the men are the only people that can vote. To prove that it was a Democracy, (Doc D) government by the people instead of people vote for other people to vote for us. Also the men get to vote for what leader they want to have. To vote you need to be a citizen from a family where the mom and the dad were also both citizens as well. For instance, (Doc B) you need to be the age of eighteen to be able to vote. We see today how different that law and life was back then. Today if you don’t pay your house, they will warn you about it. Back then they would remove you from your house unless you win your court trial. Then you become a free citizen again. I believe that Ancient Athens was a

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