Essay The Cause And Effect Of Our Lives

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Each event or incident happen to our life are interrelated with each other. One previous event defines the future activities or the incident, which is going to happen in our life. In other words, we can define that, why things happened is the cause and the result is the effect. Most of the times, we do not think about the incidents which are the cause, when we got the result then we analyze the past to find out the cause. Our environment defines what is going to happen next and, how we act also changes the effect of the cause. Each beat of the human life has a cause and the effect after sometime or in future. No every cause and the effect are the memorable to us, coz some have small impact or the effect on the life, although some are those which we cannot forget, even we don’t want to remember it through the life. Such unforgettable event change the way you live or the direction of your life change, you realize it after the effect or sometimes you notice when an event happens to us. For me many changes happen to my life, even though some are unforgettable. The time when I become the MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) on year 2014.
Not for a moment, I have a feeling that I will become the Microsoft Student Partner(MSP). During my high school period when I was studying the Diploma in Computer Engineering. Throughout my high school, I have 2 friends in my class having the same name like mine. I am sagar Acharya and they are sagar gautam, and the other one is sagar Poudel. I like…

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