Analysis Of The Book ' Sacred Search ' By Gary Thomas Essay

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“Sacred Search”
Allana Dorsett
FACS 205-001
Liberty University

Sacred Search
Gary Thomas’ book “Sacred Search” explains that a person should consider the reasons for wanting to get married more so than who they marry. He elaborates on why men and women choose to marry, as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both in a marriage relationship. One of the great feats of Thomas’s book is that he details a biblical argument to destroy the notion that there is one potential spouse for each person. He explains that yes, God does sometimes lead some to people to each other, but a majority of people have absolute free will to decide who they will marry. Thomas provides several criteria a person should hold themselves to when they feel that they are ready to begin looking for a spouse. They include: understand what type of marriage you are looking for, make sure that you are spiritually stable, and be aware of your own faults and weaknesses. Thomas says that once we understand ourselves to this extent, only then can we understand someone else in this way. The author also explains, in depth, the neurological and relational effects of infatuation and intercourse. Infatuation, a central theme from the first several chapters in this book, is the emotional high a couple experiences within the first year or two of being together. They become obsessed with spending time together and have difficulty seeing one another’s faults. In essence,…

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