Essay on Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Personality

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This paper investigates the personality type assigned to me using the Jung Typology Test. This personality assessment is derived from Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers approach to classifying individuals using three dichotomies derived from Carl Jung - extraversion vs introversion, judging vs perceiving, thinking vs feeling, and a fourth dichotomy judging vs perceiving; proposed by Isabel Briggs Myers. Possible combinations of these dichotomies result in sixteen different personality types each assigned a four-letter acronym (Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test). This paper will look in to one of the sixteen personality types along with one of Keirsy’s two letter temperaments as defined by David Keirsy. Keirsy created the theory of temperament associated with each four-letter personality types (BSM Consulting INC 1998). This paper will explore each letter’s meaning and how knowing my personality formula and temperament can best serve my employer, co-workers, and management.
Keywords: dichotomy, extraversion, introversion, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling.
Determining and Learning My Personality Type and
It’s Effects within an Organization
The Jung Typology Test is an online assessment provided by Humanmetrics. The tests consist of four dichotomies - dimensions where each pole represents a different preference - introduced by Carl Jung and one dichotomy proposed by Isabel Briggs Meyers. Carl Jung classifies individuals using three dichotomies: extraversion vs…

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