JUNG Typology Assessment

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After completing both the DISC and JUNG Typology assessments, there are many outcomes that I found interesting. For starters, in the DISC assessment there were multiple categories that gave me various feedback. These included decisive, interactive, stabilizing, and cautious categories. My decisive score showed moderately low on the
“D” spectrum and I thought that was very accurate. I tend to be hesitant on sharing my opinions in big group setting and I also would rather support someone else’s decisions rather than argue with them unless they are completely wrong. I found viewing this section of decisiveness interesting because I have always known I am very indecisive, however seeing it on paper makes it more real and something that I should try to better
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For instance, both of them picked up on my empathy for others, heart for people and their situations, and pleasure of working in a group setting. After seeing both of these assessments results, I think my leadership style probably falls in line most with a democratic leadership. This leadership fits me best because I tend to look to others opinions in order to make a decision if I am unsure. Also, this leadership fits my personality characteristic of wanting everyone to be felt involved and wanted in a group setting. When looking at my leadership style now and thinking about what kind of leader I hope to be, I feel as though I definitely have some room for improvement. I think I succeed at having empathy for others and the ability to listen to other people’s opinions very well. However, I need to work on being firmer and less passive when it comes to my opinions and how I think problems should be handled. I want to become more of an aggressive leader when it comes to how others perceive me. It has become evident to me that my sympathy for others can come across as a negative aspect as a leader rather than an advantage. Throughout this class, I hope to learn more techniques in being a

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