Jung Typology Test: The Characteristics Of The Clarity Traits Of An Organization

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There are plenty of organizations that come with personality traits of all kind from different types of people. Looking at these traits is very detrimental to the organization because it could be helpful or harmful to the business. It is important to understand the personalities of employees because it helps determine the working relationships between everybody. Organization behavior determine the types of roles that people will play. So by taking the Jung Typology Test will determine the personality trait of a person that is coming into an organization by giving a person a 4 letter type. This will tell if you are going to be an effective leader or other skills that you can bring to the table. After taking the test I notice that my type was …show more content…
A "Thinker" makes decisions in a rational, logical, impartial manner, based on what they believe to be fair and correct by pre-defined rules of behavior (personalitypage.com, 2015). Some examples include Research a product via consumer reports, and buy the best one to meet our needs, do "The Right Thing", whether or not we like it, choose not to buy a blue shirt which we like, because we have two blue shirts, establish guidelines to follow for performing tasks (personalitypage.com, 2015). Clarity of convictions endows these Thinkers with a knack for debate, or wanting knack, a penchant for argument (Huanmetris.com, 2015). I can this is true for people in my field of work because they are always looking to debate certain things that really don’t need to be debated at …show more content…
If we are looking at it from a biblical stand point of view behavior has a lot to do with what we believe in and think is true. It relates to the ways of how an organization works together off beliefs. I work in the field with Chaplains of all sorts for example: Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, etc. I learned that from working in this environment is that you have to establish a behavior that works with all. The Biblical worldview provides the most comprehensive approach for making sense of life including organization behavior (Presentation Lesson 1, p. 14). An employee behavior will have a great impact on an origination in if it has successes or fails at what it is trying to accomplish. We have to look at as Christians or any other religion back ground our behaviors in an organization can be hurtful to others. Our personal behavior in organizations have enteral consequences (Presentation Lesson 1, p. 8). With all of that it takes great leadership to understand how the world view along with the biblical view will interact in his or her organization. I learned by reading and taking the test that leadership takes a lot. Just as leadership cannot exist without people, it cannot exist without direction or goal (Kroger et.al). I know this because in the Military you can’t have leadership unless you know what directions we are heading and we must have a goal at the end. So you in

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