Essay On Jung Typology Test

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In doing my personality profile project, I learned new things, confirmed known things, as well as disagreed with some information about myself. This was my first time performing a Jung Typology test, so it was very interesting to read the results.
The test showed that my personality was an INFJ. Which, when it is broken it down it’s, Introvert (22%), which is a shy person who finds it hard to talk to others. I was (38%) intuitive, which means that I understand things without any proof or evidence, and is also characterized by intuition, and agreeing with what seems naturally right. Feelings, was (12%), having an emotional state or reaction, and thoughts of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry in trouble, etc. Lastly, is judging (1%),
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I heard growing up of woman intuition or mother’s intuition, and I just thought that was a part of being a female. I like to think of myself as a listener and a thinker, so when people tell me things or suggest certain things to do, I get a vibe (good or negative), which can be associated with intuition. So once I get this intuition, then I act on it. When it is dealing with something negative or bad I always go with my first thought, and most of the time it is the right …show more content…
I can also tell if people don’t want to be bothered. Everybody goes through situations at different times, and when someone is having a problem that they do not want to talk about, I like to give them their space and let them know if they do decide that I want to talk I will be available, because of another quality that a intuitive person holds is connecting deeply with others (empathic accuracy, feel their emotion). Until I read my results, I did not understand why I cried when I watched: movies, the news, commercials, or any programs where people are telling a story and they become emotional. I cry at funerals of people I don’t know, because I know how it feels to lose a loved one and we all share that emotional bond. My oldest daughter graduated from middle school a couple of weeks ago and the teacher of the year was giving his “Thank You” speech, and he was saying how students still keep in touch with him after years, and he started crying and then I started crying. I use to think I was a big crybaby, but know I realize I am just caring

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