Essay about Carl Jung 's Theory Of Personality

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Carl Jung was a man who although greatly opposed most of Freud’s beliefs seemed to take a lot of what Freud had developed but improved it as he saw fit. Jung was very concerned with both the future and the past and he believed that was the core to personality. He believed personality is determined by what we hope to be as well as by what we have been in the past. Interestingly, Jung took a very strong stance on the role the unconscious has in developing the personality. He put more emphasis on the unconscious than Freud did. Whenever Jung was faced with any problems he would look to his dreams and visions to help answer his dilemmas. To have a greater understanding of Jung as a person we must look at his upbringing. He had a rough and unhappy childhood. He was exposed to lots of family deaths and a mother who although was the power parent was very emotional instable and had irrational behavior. This lead to Jung questioning his mother and also other women in the future. Jung also saw his father as powerless and weak. Jung had a greater interest in his own theories and views rather than what he learned in school so for a while he put very little effort into school work. Years later he decided to pursue psychiatry in hopes of learning more about dreams and the supernatural, things he already found an interest in. Jung had many sexual experiences, some that occurred with other women while he was still married. He placed a lower emphasis on sex in relation to personality than…

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