The Threat Of Drone Drones Essay

1890 Words Nov 1st, 2016 8 Pages
There are multiple tactics the military uses such as land mines, bombs, raids, and firefights which may unintentionally kill or injure innocent civilians. These tactics are more likely to be harmful to civilians than drones because ground wars take place in communities where militants live within civilians.
Drones have the ability to target one or more specific person, which ultimately keeps civilians safer, since they are not at risk of being caught in between a waging war. The technology drones use is very advanced; the Reaper drone is equipped with numerous visual sensors. These include: infrared sensors, two types of cameras, hellfire missiles, a laser designator, and an illuminator (“MQ-9 Reaper 1”). This technology allows drone operators and executives to be confident they found their intended target. The misconception that drone operators target anyone and civilians are frequently killed is not true.
One of the most significant benefits of drone strikes is the protection of United States soldiers. Drones are deployed and remotely operated from drone pilots in allied countries of the United States. This reduces the risk of injury or death which could occur if aerial pilots or ground soldiers were used instead of drones. Since terrorist groups operate in remote areas with harsh climates and terrain, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles eliminates the risk of U.S. casualties.
In a perfect world, soldiers would be able carry out raids and arrest key leaders who…

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