A New Home, Who 'll Follow? Essay

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The Roles of Women in "A New Home, Who 'll Follow?"
Caroline Stansbury Kirkland drafted “A New Home, Who’ll Follow?” under pseudonym Mary Clavers. The book describes the experience of a middle-class relatively educated white woman who moves to the American frontier because of her husband’s ambitions. Kirkland takes advantage of her presence in Michigan border to record the American social history expressing her commitment to realism (Kirkland 8). She managed to work as a magazine editor at a time when women were rarely involved in the publishing business. Kirkland devotes most of her text describing real and physical hardship in the wilderness recording the homelessness experienced by women in the frontier. The book shows that women play an instrumental role in the settling of the frontier.
The role of a woman was depicted in true womanhood, which required her selfless devotion to her home, moral instruction, and cultivation of feminine values integrated into the community, especially within the middle-class American women. Although women writers professed to the code of true womanhood, they strived to find a way of expressing view and sentiments, which were considered unfeminine. Even though Kirkland shows concern for the daily events and the neighborhood, she frequently contrasts the true womanhood preoccupation in the frontier men’s perspective.
Kirkland uses the exemplary feminity to ridicule the pretense of masculine activities in the West. In her assertiveness to…

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