The Progressive Movement Of The 1900 ' S Essay

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The progressive movement in the 1900’s is quite similar to the current definition to progressives, however its focus was to improve the lives of many Americans who worked in unimaginable conditions. The people in the early 1900’s felt oppressed and wanted things to changed. You can kind of compare it to how many people in America feel about their current situation, but within emphasize in growing.

The major cause of the Progressive movement is was social problems that Americans faced in an Industrial society. Many people in the early 1900’s had to work in poor and unsafe working conditions for long period of time. People felt like they have been getting overworked by large companies, and they wanted change. People had to work very long hours, and work in unsafe areas all while companies where making tons of money. Some of the major goals of the progressive movement were better working conditions, improving people 's lives, and improving social problems that different groups faced.

One of the Progressives goals that I strongly agree with was its view on education. They believe that education was key for the county’s growth. During the Progressive movement, there was a big effort in order to improve the education of the people. One of the accomplishments of the progressive ear was the increase in High School. I believe that a more educated society is able to learn from it past and make a better decision. Not will a more educated society not make the same mistakes that were…

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