The Progressive Era Amendments

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5 December 2017
The Progressive Era Amendments The Progressive Era started with progressivism and the Progressive movement that started with our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. Progressivism was continued with the presidency of President Taft and President Wilson. This Era consisted of different ideas and reformist groups looking for change. The purpose was to correct social issues such as women suffrage, education, factory working conditions, industrialization, and child labor( parry,Sarah). It also encouraged political reforms such as attacking bribery and corruption
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Most of the states require their residents to pay a state income tax, but not all of the states have this policy. If a citizen doesn't have a state tax they still have to pay federal tax. All citizens and resident of the United States must pay the federal income tax. Most residents fill out a tax return which is the form that taxpayers must file with the taxing authority which details the taxpayer's income, expenses, deductions, exemptions, and calculations of taxes. The income tax that a person is required to pay is determined based off of what the earn. The seventeenth amendment was the first thing to be changed in the constitution that didn't have to do with giving Americans rights, changing power in the federal government, and elections of presidents. The structure of congress in the constitution had not been touched until 1791. The seventeenth amendment removed the power of state legislatures being able to choose U.S. senators. James Madison believed that this amendment gave the states a “double advantage”. He claimed that it favored a select appointment and gave the state governments …show more content…
In fact some of the states had already started banning alcohol way before this amendment was passed and sent into effect. Religious activists, most famously known to be women but also men, had blamed alcohol for violence and other problems that were affecting families all across America. These groups would take multiple weapons like axes, and would attack saloons and other places that would sell and store alcohol. They would go to these places just to destroy all of the stashes of alcohol. These groups did all of these things just to keep alcohol off of the streets and help stop the violence in all of the homes in America. Their main goal as a group was to make society a better place by eliminating violence in homes and families. The eighteenth amendment was actually inspired and motivated by some of these activists groups and the things that they did( They based the amendment off of their goals to outlaw

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