The Era Of The Antebellum Period Essay

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Throughout the history of America, citizens have always found issues with the moral standing of the government and its policies. These people also offered their own solutions to the moralization of the government and its laws through significant changes to the institution itself. Movements like this are referred to as reforms, which, simply put are the improvements of corrupt institutions for the betterment of both the individual and society itself. During the mid-nineteenth century, America was in dire need of reform. At the time of the Antebellum period, there were a large variety of reform movements all seeking different improvements each in its own way. While many of these movements failed, the ferment of reform itself achieved a lot of the goals it set out to accomplish and was therefore a great success. These crusades were successful in abolishing slavery, creating the Republican party, providing the moral support for the foundation of America, and paving the way for future reformers, some like those of this period. The involvement of the nation, foreign aid, immediate action instead of patience, the combination of the different types of reform, the four methods of change used at the time: prayer, persuasive propaganda, example, and coercion of law are why these goals were accomplished. In the past, reformers would preach their values and patiently wait for change, however the reformers of the antebellum period were more for immediate action. Among those who…

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