Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

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  • Pompe Disease: A Case Study

    Introduction Pompe Disease is also referred to as GAA Deficiency, Glycogenesis Type II, and Glycogen Storage Disease Type II. It is a lysosomal storage disorder that must be passed down by both parents due to the fact that it is a recessive mutation in genes (Type II, 2014). As a lysosomal disorder, Pompe Disease is the inability of lysosomes to breakdown glycogen into glucose and causes the glycogen to build up inside the lysosome (Pompe, 2010). The glycogen build up has specific effects on…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Self-Analysis

    Freud was one of the earliest psychoanalysis to share the belief that personal development is a crucial and non-negotiable part of counselling training. He believed in order to acquire the ideal qualification in the counselling profession that one must enter into a deep analysis of oneself (Freud, 1964). Through this self-analysis it will allow the trainee counsellor the opportunity to delve into every aspect of their personality, morals and values. I being a trainee counsellor would personally…

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  • Ethical Issues With Adhd In Children

    respond to an initial trial of psychological treatments. The U.S. guidelines developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend the first-line use of pharmacotherapy, preferably combined with behavioral therapies, for school-aged children and adolescents with ADHD, but only behavioral therapies for preschool-aged children Wrong treatment or decision could make the child suffer even more in the future or affect the adult to rely on the medication depending the severity when diagnosed.…

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  • Cultural Differences In Joe's Project

    Many personal adversities arise when dealing with cultural differences and misunderstandings about disabilities. But in the end, people need to learn to cope with their experiences, and learn from them. In the interview, Finding Her Way, Stacy interviews her sister-in-law, Angela Park, and discusses how she coped with her situation. Angela moved to America from Korea at a young age, and many kids at school bullied her for it. But along the way, the immigrant learned to just deal with the…

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  • Physical Therapy Characteristics

    collected focused on when it’s best for patients to receive occupational or physical therapy and the personality traits of occupational and physical therapists. These articles were published in scientific journals concerned with articles similar in subject. The journals and articles within the journals are written in expectation that other occupational therapists (OTs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational and physical therapy students, and other health care professionals will read them.…

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  • Mind And Meditationation: The Practice Of Meditation And Ayurveda

    Meditation and Ayurveda Mind and meditation Meditation is the practice of training the individual mind to induce consciousness. It is the state of mind in which individual acknowledges the content i.e. memories of the past or ideas for the future without being identified with them. Once individual removes the limitation of the past and future he/she can achieve the balance of psychological, physical and emotional state. Dr. Joan Borysenko, leading researcher in the field termed meditation as…

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  • Self-Centered Therapy: A Case Study

    Integration Merging personal centered therapy and the concept of being Christ like would be what Jesus would do in response to healing mankind. While I recognize humanistic psychology focuses on behavior and PCT focuses on self, I believe having the ability to integrate both therapies from a Christian stand point would be effective. Scripture encourages us to have a “human” mindset to life by building up our neighbor. Ephesians 4:11-16 ESV states, “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the…

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  • Orthopedics: A Career In Physical Therapy

    thousands of children are born with birth defects and need to learn to adapt. Any kind of injuries or diseases need to be tended to by someone who specializes in restoring normal body functions which would be a licensed physical therapist. Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries or diseases of the muscles and/or joints with exercises, massages or medicine. There are five different kinds of physical therapists; orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiopulmonary and pediatric. Orthopedic…

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  • Non-Music Student Tantrums

    should be noted that those using music therapy with students who have disabilities are fully qualified to help keep children safe and calm. These people are professionals and have been trained to help children who have temper tantrums. They are capable of calming these students down, and they help them return to a state of either pleasant or neutral feelings. The continuation of funding for these programs are important to students who are disabled. Music therapy helps them communicate when they…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Therapy

    required to undergo their own personal therapy before they become practitioners. Self-reflection is important in everyone’s daily life. Before a person becomes a therapist I think it is important to deal with any deep down problems they have, sometimes we don’t know that we have issues with something until it is discussed. Understanding one’s personal issues will help to increase a person’s self-understanding. A therapist who has undergone personal therapy will know what it is like to be a…

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