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  • Humorous Wedding Speech: A Boy Who Killed His Father

    To the reverential and obliged members of this honest jury, my dedicated team and I thank you earnestly for your presence for participating in this crucially mundane process. We ask each of you to take the arguments made here and the valid points that are enacted into serious consideration, for which we are making the decisions that will impact a multitude of people within this country. Let us begin our civic duties with indignation in our hearts by starting with this question: should we let a boy who had assassinated his father quite innocuously, walk free among the innocent people in the streets? A product of the slums who deliberately murdered his own father out of pure rage by manipulating a switchblade knife, walk free to his undeserving…

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  • Similarities Between The Cross And The Switchblade By David Wilkerson

    Violence, gangs, and cults have always been a problem in society. There are various reasons why people join gangs. However, sometimes in order to turn a life around after being stuck in a gang, inspiration needs to come from somewhere else to inspire a person for a better life. Gangs give children and adults alike a sense of family or home. They feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, thus, giving them a reason to live. In the novel The Cross and the Switchblade, author…

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  • Violence In Octavia Butler's Kindred

    babies because that would mean that he would be getting slaves for free. Mr. Tom can’t own Alice because she is also a free black because her mom is free. “‘Her runaway sister. I wonder what you’re worth.’” (41) The patroller thought that Dana was the runaway sister because he had never seen her before. Dana looked like a runaway to him since she was black and she was wearing clothes that looked like a man. Dana is unable to prove that she was a freewoman because she had no papers. Anything…

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  • Painted House Symbolism

    a saturday afternoon in the chandlers stayed at home instead of making their traditional trip into town on saturdays. Luke went out by the barn and started throwing pop flies, this created a crowd and commotion and eventually the Mexicans, hill people, and some of the chandlers were at the barn. Cowboy was a breathtaking pitcher, he had a true skill. Hank batted up against him and was struck out multiple times in humiliation. Hank angered by this threw the ball with all his might threw the ball…

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  • Monologue For To Kill A Mockingbird

    There is no doubt that I’ve been through a lot. Only 9 years old, and Atticus says I’ve been through more than any adult ever has or should. I can tell he’s worried about me. He thinks I’m emotionally scarred or something. After all, I’m still his little girl, the one who would crawl into his lap and learn to read the newspaper with him. He’s the one who gave me the idea for this memory box in the first place. Atticus said that it would help me cope with everything I’ve been through, if I put…

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  • What Are The Differences In S. E. Hinton's The Outsider

    In the Outsider’s, a novel by S.E Hinton, two rival groups fight out their anger and compete to become the most superior. Socs viewed Greasers as outsiders, and the Greasers seemed to have a mutual feeling. Tensions were high, conflicts appeared left and right, and people viewed fights as normal until they realized the similarities both groups shared. Ponyboy saw shocking events leading to a change in spirit at the end of the novel. Towards the end, the story felt like it was hinting at an idea…

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  • Personal Narrative: Where Am I Going To Die?

    day and they were, “You will regret that”. With that he walked away taking his disgusting breath with him. “What do you think he meant by that, Alex?” Jake asked obvious worry on his face. “I don’t know, probably nothing.” I said to reassure him, but in all honesty I was scared. We shook off Marcus’ words the best we could and played basketball. After two hours I had to go home. “I will see you later jake!” I said walking off and he said bye. “Oh, Jake!” I yelled trying to get his attention.…

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  • Rough All Over Quotes

    When Cherry said, “ Things are rough all over”, she meant that the not only the greasers or socs have problems as a gang, but people in general have their own problems. Pony boy “But after the night of the beating, Johnny was jumpier than ever, Johnny never walked by himself after that.” (Hinton 34) This quote from the book said by pony boy, helps us understand that things are rough all over by introducing Johnny saying that he was terrified after one incident. This quote explains that things…

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  • Personal Narrative: Co-Workers Home

    It was the middle of December and I was on my way to one of my co- workers house due to some complications we had have during businesses. We had gotten in to a big argument because he had never given my money back. I was furious and needed the money for financial issues. I was headed over to threaten him for my money, but I was nervous and scared because I didn’t want his son to witness what I was about to do. On my way over to his house I was contemplating doing the unexpected, but I needed the…

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  • Black Holes And Basketball Sneakers Analysis

    The desire to fit in sometimes makes people do desperate things but are the actions we make worth the outcome of happiness or satisfaction? The theme that best applies to the story “Black holes and Basketball Sneakers” by Lori Aurelia Williams and the poem “Please Don't take Air Jordans” is, The desire to fit in sometimes makes people do desperate things. The passage “Black holes and Basketball Sneakers” is about a boy named Malik who joined a gang so he could get a pair of sneakers and the…

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