Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

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  • Client-Centered Therapy

    It seems odd that a client would present for treatment while simultaneously being opposed to making changes, but this is indeed what counselors frequently encounter. Such clients are usually coerced into therapy. A person in legal trouble may be offered a deferred sentence for undergoing outpatient treatment if they are assessed to have a substance-use disorder (SUD) or other behavioral problem which contributed to the offense. Others might seek treatment to assuage family members, avoid a…

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  • The Influence Of Group Therapy

    world filled with problems, disorders, chaos, and everything in between, our mental health is especially affected. Therapy is a great way to deal with these problems of everyday life. While there are different types of therapies to deal with an individual’s mental health issues, group therapy has shown to be very effective. While there are different types of groups, all group therapies have two things in common. They all possess therapeutic factors and go through a process within the group,…

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  • Consim Spa Essay

    Online shopping has become a great way for companies to offer their products. With the aim of giving “Canísimo Spa”, a small business from Aguascalientes, which has a mobile unit that offers pets a bath, haircut, among other services, a chance to extend its barriers and become people's first choice for a great service for pets. The service consists in the mobile unit arriving at the customer's house and making sure the animal is cleaned up and the owner happy with the work. Right now there is a…

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  • Social Support Vs Animal Companionship

    If you have ever had a pet, you know what it’s like to have a comforting companion unconditionally by your side. It’s hard to imagine a life without pets once you recognize the beneficial impact they’ve made in your life. Pets in general seem to be a common positive topic when one needs cheering up. The bond that animals and humans share is a particularly special one. Animals give a sense of comfort, love, and companionship to people. Humans grow a positive emotional attachment to their pets,…

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  • Definition Essay-What Is Music?

    all about music. Music has been a part of every culture; it has been there from the beginning of time and will be there at the end. Music is not just noise, music is another language to express your thoughts and your personality, it is a type of therapy and motivator, and it is a form of connection between people. Music is an expression, an expression to let out our own thoughts and feelings out. After a rough day, driving home from work or school, you may need a moment to yourself. You…

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  • Music And Mood

    displaying how they are as a person or how they could be feeling. They could be telling a story of what they went are going through in life. Music is the place for artist to release what they have been holding in it could probably be considered as therapy for the artist just them releasing their feelings. Music displays the feelings of us everyday in life when we are feeling happy and even when we are feeling down music is use for every…

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  • Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model

    Occupational therapy treatments are billed using approved Current Procedural Terminology codes (American Medical Association, 2018). Both full body dressing and toileting treatment activities are billed under code 97535 because they involve training on a self-care task. Code G0515 would be used for the medication management activity because it would be working on improving John’s cognitive skills to then become proficient on an IADL. Medical Necessity John is diagnosed with a TBI and was…

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  • Wall Of Silence Case Study

    Wall of Silence Journal 1 Describe your level of awareness of the prevalence of medical errors before this course and reading part 1. The healthcare field is one of the utmost respected fields one could work in. Nurses are the most trusted workers in the country and are expected to advocate and protect their patients. Nurses also spend most of their time at work administering medications which plays a key role in the reduction of medication errors. My idea of medical errors has been based off…

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  • Counseling Reflection

    During this semester in our Counseling in Rehabilitation Services class, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot. When I first started the class, I thought we were going to have actual therapy sessions and that we would be meeting with an actual counselor. Which I was excited for, but also nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. When I started the class, I was surprised to learn that we would be learning counseling skills and be practicing them ourselves in our own groups. I was…

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  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Counselors

    Similarities Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) counselors and Reality Therapy (RT) counselors both strive towards creating a relationship with their clients. In regards to SFBT, it is important for the counselor to have an understanding of the theory behind what they are practicing, but it is even more important that the counselor and client have a healthy working relationship that is built on collaboration (Winbolt, 2014). In order for a SFBT counselor to have success with their client,…

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