Essay On Flies Save Life

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Animals are awe-inspiring. They not only give people the love and care they need, but they do many things that save people's lives every day. Animals have recently been contributing to finding the cure to cancer. According to Emma Ross in “ Dogs able to smell cancer” Exactly 27 years ago two English dermatologists found a case of a woman who had a cancerous mole on her leg. The women described it when her dog sniffed the mole and tried to bite it when she was wearing shorts. The mole ended up being a deadly skin cancer and the dog saved her life. After many other cases of this happened and it started the idea of Animals can help detect and find the cure to cancer. Animals such as dogs, naked mole rats, and flies contribute to finding the cure to cancer every day.

Naked Mole rats
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It flies around, bothers people ,and it's a pain, but what people do not know is that a fly might save the world. Flies are actually uniquely like humans. What scientists say, is if we can figure out a fly we can figure out a human. Flies are also very good for experimenting because of their short lifespan of 28 days. The article “could a fly save your life” by Dr. Mariam Orme, says that a fly is actually one piece of finding cancer.All over the world scientists use fruit flies to help them in their work. Flies have been worked on for over a 100 years. A scientist named Thomas Morgan won the 1933 Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine for his studies using flies. Flies are actually much like the human body according to “could a fly save your life.” What flies can do to help find the cure to cancer is they have a cell in their body that gets the cancerous cells out. Scientists are trying to make a drug using the fruit flies cell it is called SMAC mimetics and it will hopefully kill off cancerous cells. This drug was developed by pharmaceutical companies and now they are creating tests on humans to see if it turns out. As shown above, a fly is more than what a person

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